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Thai Clay | Flower Deco Clay | Miniature Clay 200g

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Thai Clay | Deco Clay | Miniature Clay

Weight :200g/pack
Usage :Ideal to make into miniature, flower, doll, charms and etc

Malaysia Clay Art Thai Clay is a type of air dry clay imported from Thailand. Pack of 200g. This is a super air-dry soft clay made with environmental-friendly and non-toxic materials. No baking is needed, just stay exposed to the air for around few hours to 1 days to get totally dried (depends on the thickness on your clay work). It is soft, versatile with amazing elasticity and slight translucent. This clay shows semi-transparency when it rolled out a thin layer of flower petals. The finished work is slight soft and bendable! Acrylic and oil paint can be used to mix with the clay to achieve realistic finishing.

Note:Please keep the air-tight bag close after use, to avoid the clay getting dried.

Thai Clay | Deco Clay | Miniature Clay 200g

Thai Clay | Deco Clay | Miniature Clay 200g