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Silicone Mold Ring - For Resin - Different Sizes

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Silicone Mold Ring - AB Resin Liquid

Quantity : 1 silicone Mold 
Size : Choose 17MM, 18MM, or 19MM (inner bangle diameter)

This is a flexible clear silicone mold to make a ring with expoxy resin

This mold is very versatile and perfect to create your own round bangle and have enough space to embed many little objects, dried flowers or gems.
This silicone rubber is so clear that you can see everything inside the mold while you're pouring your resin!

No more mistakes because you can see if you have some air bubble inside the mold or if your embedding object is in the right direction .

How to measure the ring sizes :
1. Wrap a string around the base of the finger that you want to measure.
2. Take a pen and mark on the string where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your finger.
2. Then, run the string along your ruler to measure it's length in mm.
Silicone Mold Ring

Silicone Mold Ring
Silicone Mold Ring
Silicone Mold Ring