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Shoe Heat Shrink Wrap Pembalut Plastic Wrap Untuk kasut 25cm 35cm 30cm wrap roll and bag

Heat Shrink Wrap Rolls (Clear)

Introducing our high-quality Heat Shrink Wrap for Hampers - the perfect solution for achieving a neat and tidy presentation. Made from durable materials, this shrink wrap securely covers your hampers, providing a professional finish. Choose from various sizes, to fit your specific hamper needs. Easy to use with a heat gun, this wrap ensures a smooth and wrinkle-free result every time. Elevate your hamper gifting experience with our reliable and versatile Heat Shrink Wrap for Hampers. Say goodbye to messy packaging and hello to elegance!

Suggested size are for 1 single shoe (not 1 pair)
example :
18cm x 30cm ( 26-29 ) 26-29 is the suggested size in EU

Bags 100pc +-
Size : 25cm (1kg)
Length : Approximately 60 meter

Size : 30cm (1kg)
Length : Approximately 50 meter

Size : 35cm (1kg)
Length : Approximately 50 meter