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Natural Soy Wax 500g 52deg 68deg

Natural Soy Wax 52deg 68deg that is 100% natural soy wax made from soybean which is a great blending wax for paraffin, palm wax or beeswax.

You can even use it on its own. This wax is ideal for making container candles, massage candles, tealight candles, votive candles, balms and more.

Melting point option : 52 Celsius, 68 Celsius 

52deg mixing ratio
Container candles suggested ratio : 90% Soy Wax + 10%
beewax Scented Wax Tablet : 50% Soy Wax + 50%
beewax Use with silicone mold : 50% Soy Wax+ 50% beewax

68deg mixing ratio

50% Soy Wax+ 50% beewax 
*Do not mix more than beeswax*
*Not suitable to use with glass cup or to make any container candles*