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LOVIS10 Food Grade Mold Making Silicone (1kg)

LOVIS10 Silicone Mold Maker (500g + 500g)

Special formulated Low Viscosity shore 10a 

Easy mixing instruction : Ratio : A : B (1 : 1) ; ex: A 50g : B 50g
Color :Grey
Shore A Hardness : 10
Pot Life : 30 mintues
Heat resistance : 200 °C

FDA approved non toxic silicone mold maker

AB liquid food grade mold making silicone (1kg)is a food grade silicone suitable for making baking molds and trays, to use for craft and food. It cures at room temperature(25C) within 5-8 hours with negligible shrinkage. Cures faster when temperature is around (36C). Creates soft, flexible silicone molds which can withstand up to 200C. This mold is suitable to use for chocolate, fondant, clay and other crafting materials.

Tips :
1. Leave the mold for a few days before starting to use it. This will prolong the lifespan of the silicone mold.
2. Testing is recommended to avoid chemical reaction between the liquid with "surface of the container.
3. Avoid contact with water, impurities, smoke, organic tin catalyst, acid, alkali and other sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and organic materials which will affect the mixture from curing.

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*This product is suitable or teknologi pembuatan plastic chapter

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