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Japan La Doll Premix Air Dry Clay (400g)

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La Doll Premix Air Dry Clay (400g)

Measurement: 400g

La Doll Premix is a polymer air drying clay with a combination of Premier and La Doll clay mixed to the best consistency for a wonderful new air dry clay. With the pliability, from the features, of La Doll and ultra-lightweight from Premier, it is easily carved and polished smooth. With the strength, it can be made into a hollow clay object.

All paints and varnish are also accepted. Premix, like La Doll, is the super fine material for all sculpturing. Easy-to model, it is an all natural stone clay. It woní«í?í«ÌÎÌ_t crumble and it is good for work that requires fine detail. It dries hard with minimal shrinkage. Excellent for prototypes. It is perfect for ball jointed dolls, figure dolls, miniature house, and diorama.

Made in Japan

apan La Doll Premix Air Dry Clay
Japan La Doll Premix Air Dry Clay
Japan La Doll Premix Air Dry Clay