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Japan La Doll Modeling Clay

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Padico Japan La Doll Modeling Clay

La Doll (Pink) 500g
La Doll Premix (Blue) 400g
La Doll Premier (Red) 300g - Ultra lightweight

White (La Doll - Premix - Premier)

Hardless level after dry:
La Doll - Premix - Premier

La Doll - Premix - Premier

Shrinking after dry: Ladoll :
appx 4%/ Premix appx 4.6% / Premier appx 6.1%

La Doll- Ideal for ball jointed dolls, figure dolls, miniature house and diorama.

Knead the clay till less sticky, then can start modelling
Let it air dry for 2-4 days (depends on thickness and weather).
Can use acrylic paint or food coloring for colour mixing
Use modelling paint or acrylic paint to paint your art.
Storage: After opened, release the air, seal tightly with zipper bag and store in an air tight container. Avoid direct sunlight.