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Gold Shinny Pearl Whipped Cream 50g

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Gold Shinny Pearl Whipped Cream 50g

This whipped cream clay is a faux icing / frosting for fake food and sweets craft. This has been highly recommended by our buyers for its realistic texture. Great to use for decoden (cell phone deco / phone case deco), miniature cupcake / cake icing, dollhouse ice cream parfait making as well as food display for restaurant and pastry shop.

Weight: 50g

Comes already in a pastry bag, ready to use! no messy!
Light weight that is great for making light weight jewelry like earrings, bracelet charms, etc.
Air dry which means no oven is needed. Just leave it expose to the air and it will get totally dried in around 24-48 hours (the thicker the work, the longer time to get dried

  • Cut the tips of the inner and outer plastic bag.
  • Place the whipped cream decorative tip in-between the inner and outer plastic bag at the tip position.
  • Whipped the cream clay on the surface.
  • Surface dries in 5-10 minutes at room temperature. Leave 24 hours to become solid body. These make wonderful sweets & food decorations, any forms of miniatures.
  • Wrap the unused portion in an airtight container / bag to avoid drying.
  • This product is not food. Do not swallow.
  • Keep away from flame. Do not use oven, oven or microwave
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