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GLOW IN DARK POWDER | Fluorescent Powder

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Glow In Dark Powder

Pack : 10g/ pack
Color : Choice

Uses range:
In the Paper / ceramic / plaster / wall / wood / glass / plastic / clothes, etc. Lamps or surface painting, graffiti, decoration.

Expose it under the light or UV lamp, in order for it to glow in the dark.

1: Mix this with Nail enamel, it will look FANTASTIC in the dark !
2: Mix this with water to your Clothes and draw whatever you want, while in the dark, it'll look amazing!

There are multi-usage for this fabulous glow in dark bowder! You can use them on your art and craft projects, or as part of decoration on your clay decoden. They are also widely used in nail art. You can also use them with your AB resin liquid craft to make unique cabochons and pendants.

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