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Dried flower variety collection

Dried flower variety collection 

Can be use with epoxy resin, uv resin to create various of crafting project such as phone casing, flower coasters and more.

 01 Rose Flower (+-4g)
 02 Jasmine (+-4g)
 03 Lemon Slices (+-10g)
 04 Komatsu Fruit (+-10g)
 05 Cross Fruit (+-10g)
 06 Edelweis (+-4g)
 07 Do Not Forget Me (+-4g)
 08 Amaranth (+-4g)
 09 Plum Flower (+-4g)
 10 Seven color chrysanthemum (+-5g)
 11 Tiffany blue beauty grass (+-2g)
 12 Pink gypsophila  (+-1g)
 13 golden flower  (+-12g)
 14 Anna Hydrangea Taro Pink  (+-1g)
 15Anna Hydrangea Gray  (+-1g)
 16 Malachite Green Beauty  (+-2g)
 17 Vivid Green Beauty Grass (+-2g)