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Diy Slime Shake Project Set Slime Making Kit Glitter Slime

Diy Slime Shake Project Set, we include everything in one box so you can get started right away. Moms and dads, this means no more rushing to the store to find the right glue - whew! Our easy to make slime is the perfect consistency for play and can be used for pre-set slime recipes or creation all your own. We also include tools and containers for stress and mess-free crafting

1. Pour all the shaking powder into the cup, then add the appropriate amount of onion powder or sequins in the cup, then add water to the horizontal line pointed by the arrow.
2. Close the lid and shake the cup for 2 minutes.
3. Leave it for 5-10 minutes, open the lid and remove the mud (if your hands are sticky, please wait patiently for a while)
4. The formed mud has various ways of playing. The mud can be stretched and torn. And it can also be put into a cup and poked with a finger. It will make a "flicking" sound, which can be used for a prank.

Packing List:
-1 bag of shaking powder (about 6 grams)
-1 bag of onion powder or sequins