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Bathroom Mop Holder Hook Wall Sticker Mounted Penyangkut Penyapu Mop

Product size: self-adhesive size 6 * 6CM, hook size picture display
Material: Sticker + ABS
Color: White, Gray, Pink, Blue
Pros: Small, easy to use, do not leave ex-walled, can withstand loads up to 5kg, waterproof, durable

Easy to use, does not hurt the wall
Easy to install and easy to operate
Non-slip waterproof design, very durable

how to use:
1. Clean the walls you need.(Installed on tiles or glass for best results)
2. Carefully remove the back of the protective film
3. Paste it on a clean wall
4. Press evenly for about 10 seconds to squeeze the air on the surface
5. For best results, we recommend that you use it within 5-24 hours.