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20kg Clear Epoxy Resin | AB Epoxy Resin Table Top Wholesale

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20kg Clear Epoxy Resin | AB Epoxy Resin Table Top Wholesale

Set Includes

    1. A bottle of epoxy resin 15KG
    2. B bottle of hardener 5KG

    Mixing Ratio : Weight (3:1) 3KG (A) : 1KG (B)

      AB liquid Resin instruction : A : B (3 : 1) You will need to mix resin (B) to (A) Pour B in slowly while mixing with A. Pouring it all at once may caused the mixture to heat up and cure too quickly. Be sure to mix them equally  you will notice the mixture turns blurry once it become clear, it is ready to be pour. (you can use unuse chopsticks or tools made with glass to stir the mixture.) Make sure the bowl use for mixing is clean of dust, or water . It will cure in about 24hours room temperature around 25c. The higher tempreture of the environment the faster it cures.

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      **please note - different epoxy resin has different spec, the above are specifically lab tested for our epoxy resin**

      Tips to use AB Resin
      1. Stirring the mixture : The quality of final outcome is very much dependant on the process of mixing A to B. While you're stirring the liquid, stirr it slow so AB resin will not capture bubbles in the mixture. Try to avoid to use tools that are too fine (thin) to stirr, use something thicker to stiff the mixture for perfect finishing.
      Stirr the content you will notice it turns blurry then once it become clear again it is ready to be pour, while you're stirring be sure to stirr the bottom as well.
      2. Temperature :The warmer the room temperature the faster it cures.If the room temperature is too low, it'll slow down the process of hardening.
      3. Ratio :The ratio of resin A to B has to be accurate. Too much resin A or B, the creation will not harden to perfection
      4. Bubbles : If you see big bubbles in the mixture, use a toothpick gently move the bubbles up or use an Art Torch

      5. Clean :To clean the residual, wipe away all the remaining with tissue first. make sure it's almost clean before washing it with washing powder and warm water, or alcohol. Alternatively, we strongly suggest to use paper cup for the mixing process, and just toss them to dustbin once done.


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