Working With Polymer Clay – Tips For Starter

Polymer clay is a material that you can use it to make basically anything that you can imagine. It is suitable for beginners as well as professional artists. You can put so much more details into polymer clay in compare to light air dry clay. Here are some helpful tips for those who just getting started with polymer clay.


Polymer clay is durable, and it is water resistance after baking it. It is  strong enough and don’t really need to be sealed for protection.

Glazes are often use to provide the extra “shiny” or glossy effect. see glaze selection here.

Hard, Crumble Polymer Clay

Polymer clay gets crumble as you store it longer. Although it can be difficult to work with a harder clay but the clay itself is not damaged. It can be softened with a little ‘conditioning’, always condition the clay before you start working with it.

Polymer Clay Baking Time

Polymer clay needs to be properly baked to ensure your creation come out strong, durable and attractive. Underbaking or overbaking will cause your creation to breakage or color changes. See baking tips for polymer clay.

Different brand of polymer clay has a different baking time, you should find out the baking time before you start baking. If you are using Malaysia Clay Art’s here is a guide for you to bake to perfection.

Paints to avoid

Never use nail polish for coloring or glossy effect to any of your polymer clay creation. The chemicals in the nail polish can dissolve the polymer clay; turn yellow or sticky over time. To color, you can use acrylic paints.

Tools and starter kit

You don’t have to invest alot money to get started. Here are some ideas for tools without a huge investment. As you will get better and learned various technique along the way, you’ll need more tools to go with your crafting. See here for a list of crafting tools.

Go have fun with creating, and do not need to worry of what is right or wrong. Try new things, experiment with it, combining it with different materials, discover new technique, let your imagination be your only limit!

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