Waffle Tutorial – How to Make A Polymer Clay Waffle

In this post we are going to show you how to make a miniature waffle with polymer clay! cutting-clay-waffle

Materials and tools starting from left – screw driver or square pin punches, clay in light brown (you can mix white with brown), a blade, pastel chalk, and a small brush.


Condition the clay well and flatten it as above


with a tool with square head, a screw driver or square pin punches, press it in on the clay.


Punch in 9 holes


This is what you get


Next, cut out the shape of a waffle.



cut out some chalk. The picture shown are chalks in red and brown.



Powder it lightly on top of the waffle

waffle-tutorial-11 waffle-tutorial-12

Mix the colors so it looks natural and even


Once it’s done, put it into oven and bake it! It’s very easy and the result is satisfying!

Turorial provided by : Kyandi
Facebook : www.facebook.com/kyandicharms
Deviantart : kyandi-charms.deviantart.com

The Floor is yours…
Have you try to use a different method to create a polymer clay waffle? Please leave a comment below and share your claying experience with the community.



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