Shee Man talented Clay Craft Artist from Ipoh

We are honored to be able to interview Shee Man clay craft artist from Ipoh

shee man clay artist from ipoh

Tell us about your background :

My name is Shee man. Because of my sirname is moke so my friends all call me Momo. I’m an ordinary Malaysia Ipoh girl. I studied Interior Design. After graduated I helps my boyfriend in his business. We are selling personalize gift in shopping complex.

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First experience with clay/ how you get started with clay :

1st time I played with clay was about 4 years ago, I was finding a gift to my boyfriend for birthday present. When I walked into the bookstore I saw those light weight clay sets. Then I decided to make a set of clay stuff for him and it was the very 1st time I touch clay and I found that I like it.

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Tell us about your work/ what inspired you :

My clay work is named Momozai. I make Momozai in different situation different style. I am just selling it online and sometimes in flea markets too.
Nowadays there are plenty of molded figure, all same and not special. So I want to make some special and unique gift in order to make people happy.

clay wedding gift idea malaysia

How do you get started in selling your art work?

That was my friend asked me to do her a favor. She needs someone to personalize a gift for her friend who likes Japanese. Then I start selling my clay art work.

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Are you earning a decent extra income from selling them?

Not much I earn from selling my clay craft but I feel satisfied when my customers like my crafts and it pushes me to work harder.

clay creation inspiration

Favorite exhibition/ artist:

I dunno much about artist in the world but these are the artist I like:
-Mandarin Duck (Aniko)
-Daniela Pupa Jewels (

clay creation inspiration

Best time to work :

The best time for me to work is whenever there is no people around. I just can’t concentrate when there are people around especially they are chatting or watching TV.

clay creation inspiration

What is one of your favorite clay techniques?

My favorite techniques is texturing. I feel so happy after texture the clay, it helps to make it looks real. However , I wish to go for professional courses to learn more.

clay creation inspiration

Get in touch with SHEE MAN

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  1. cheah pei hua Reply

    i think her work is amazing, and to top it up, she is my cousin, i felt so lucky to have a talented cousin and i love the bracelet she made for me, it is so unique and 100% hand-made