DIY Package - Elsa From Frozen (Air Dry Clay Only)

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(Air Dry Clay & Styrofoam Only) Elsa From Frozen - DIY Package

Package includes:
  1. 11 packs of Air dry clay (No. 18 light blue x 1 pack, No. 6 white x 5 packs, No. 2 yellow x 2 packs, No. 9 skin color x 1 pack, No. 5 black x 1 pack, No. 15 brown x 1 pack)
  2. 1 x Styrofoam ball 4cm
  3. 1 x Styrofoam cone 7.5cm
*Suitable for kids aged above 8. Younger kids needs guidance from adults with clay cutting.
This package includes all the things you need to make Elsa from frozen. Step by step tutorial is available in

Click here for Full Elsa Tutorial