Polymer Clay Pumpkin Earrings Tutorial

Learn how to make polymer clay pumpkin earrings in these quick steps. It’s not hard at all! All you need is an orange and green color piece of polymer clay, and earrings hook!


Cut 2 equal pieces of orange clay, and roll them into sphere. We are making a pair of earrings so there’ll be a clone pumpkin.


With a knife, or any sharp tools that works best for you, lightly press a straight mark equally around the sphere.


With the same tool, cut in the lines deeper so you get an indent that looks like above picture


When you’re finished, round off the top and slightly push them onto your work surface to make a flat base. You want a flat, even base so it looks like pumpkin. Smooth out the sides and lines so the surface is round and smooth.


These are for the leaves


Flatten out the leaf piece


Use a sharp knife to shape the leaf like above. Once you’ve cut out the shape of the leaf, fold the bottom to give it a more realistic look.


Make 3 small rods shape as picture, flat out one side of the end, these are going to be the stem and spiral stem


Attached the leaf onto a stem


Cut out the access


Now make a hole on top of the pumpkin, you can use a pencil or any pointy tools. Make sure it’s large enough so your stem can fit inside.


Place the stem and leaf into the hole


Lightly press the stem downwards and into the hole by sticking the pencil between the stem and leaf.


Take the other 2 green rod pieces and turn them into little spirals shape. Then attach them to the base of the stem. Create a little loop and stick it on the back of the stem leaving the leaf fall on the front. Once you’re done, bake them in the oven.


Once the pumpkins have been baked and are cool, apply a layer of glaze on them. You can apply a second coat of glaze to the pumpkins to give it a really shinny finish.

Turorial provided by : Melina Van Der Werf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Lorienaccessories

The Floor is yours…
Have you try to use a different method to create a polymer clay earrings? Please leave a comment below and share your claying experience with the community.

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