How to Make A Sunflower in 5 minute

Lets get started with some really simple air dry clay tutorial today! Here is a nice and easy beginner level air dry clay tutorial showing you how to make a sunflower in just 5 minutes – use your own combination of colours, mix and match patches, make it bigger or smaller – its entirely up to you – make one and share it with us on our facebook page!


Prepare these colors for a start. A very small black ball for the eyes, bisque color for the head, orange color for its petals, brown for the soil and green for pot. Prepare a toothpick so it can be used as the stem. I’m using a modelling foam for the orange and green ball, it is a light weight, air hardening modelling material made of small foam balls mixed with glue. No baking is required so it’s good to mix with air dry clay for different texture and finishing.


Make many small balls from the orange clay. Took me 23 balls to cover the head.


First, use a tool with long and thin tip,  Make a line in 1/4 of the bisque color clay as shown above picture. This is going to be the head.


Then attached the orange balls around the head.


This is how it looks like when finished. You’ve make a sunflower already!!


I like to cover the back of it’s head so it’s not bald. So with the remaining orange balls, attached them slowly to fill up the empty space on the back.


make 2 really tiny black balls for the eyes and give it a smiley face!


Side view


With the brown clay, make it into a pot shape. This will be the soil.


Flatten the green clay, and cut it so it’s the same width as the “soil”. We’re going to make the pot.


Roll the “soil” on the green clay so the green clay wraps around it.


Stick the edges together


Make a sphere and cover the bottom.


A green pot with soil


With the toothpick, poke the bottom of the sunflower and attach it to the soil.


And this is how it looks like for the final outcome!

The Floor is yours…
Have you try to make a sunflower with air dry clay? Have you used modelling foam before?  Please leave a comment below and share your claying experience with the community.



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