How to make a Polymer Clay Sheep

We are going to teach you how to make a polymer clay sheep. The process is not hard only a little time consuming because you need to texture the sheep’s wool. However this project takes no more than 30 minutes and the outcome is very satisfying!


Prepare these colors for a start. As this is going to be made into a keychain, we prepare an eye pin as well.


Make a line in 1/4 of the bisque color clay as show above picture. This is going to be the face of the sheep.


So it looks like this


Next, flatten the white clay and make it slightly bigger than the sheep’s head so it can be wrapped around as wool.


This is about the size


Wrap it at the back of the sheep’s head.


Use any tool with pointy head to create swirl texture for the wool. Be really gentle so you don’t accidentally distort the head of the sheep. I’m using a compass.


Once you’re finish, you can insert the eye pin and it should looks like this.


Next we’ll do the ears. Create a small sphere.


Make the sphere into a leaf shape, then use a tool with pointy head (above picture is a compass) or a toothpick, and press lightly on the leaf shape.


Make a pair of these


… And attach them to the sheep’s head


These are for the horns


Press a knife lightly onto the shape and make a “ring” around. You can continuously make 3 or 4 rings.


Fold the pointy part inwards, and curl it to looks like a snail shell. Make a pair or these


Attached the horns to the head above the ears


Make 2 very small black sphere, and glue it on the head as eyes, then poke 2 tiny holds as nose and make a smiley face and this is how you make a polymer clay sheep’s head!


Then take the remaining white clay, make it to a sphere and texture it as how you texture the wool. This is going to be it’s body.


Attach the body and the sheep is ready to go to the oven


And tadaaaa… this is how it looks like after it’s baked.

The Floor is yours…
Have you try to make a polymer clay sheep or any other cute animals?  Please leave a comment below and share your claying experience with the community.



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  1. fama denney Reply

    awesome so cute !!!! i would learn how to make a polymer clay sheep …

    • Malaysia Clay Art Reply

      Share your finished art with us at our facebook page!