How to Make Polymer Clay Crochet Hook Handle

This is a very simple polymer clay project. The thickness of the crochet handles helps crocheters hold the hook with less discomfort, especially if you’re having bigger hands. Here’s one of the easy solution. Check out how to make a polymer clay crochet hook handle.

polymer-clay-crochet hook-handle-tutorial

Materials : Malaysia polymer clay in red and black, crochet hooks, a blade, and fimo cane (optional)


Firstly, I condition my polymer clay, warming them up makes it easier to manipulate. Then I roll them into logs.


Cut them into little slices from the log so it’s easy to stick onto the crochet hooks.


Begin applying these little pieces of black clay onto the hook. Apply and press down a little bit to get them to stick. It is advisable to leave about 4cm distance from the front tip.


Smooth out the clay bits by rolling the tool on your working surface. You can add on another layer for a thicker handle.

Make the red little slices into sphere shapes.


Stick them on to the crochet tool. It looks nice in random sizes. Roll them out so they stick on the hook.


Slice some of the fimo cane, and stick them on the hook.


Follow the instruction on your clay package to cure/bake your crochet tool. I bake malaysia clay art’s polymer clay with 130°c with 15 minutes.


Different crochet design and hooks sizes. Let your creativity run wild!


Other cute crochet tools design by Mastila Ezny



Turorial provided by : Mastila Ezny
Facebook :
Facebook page : mama’s crochet house

The Floor is yours…
Have you try to make a polymer clay crochet hook handle with different method? Please leave a comment below and share your claying experience with the community.

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    Thanks for the info. Where to get the materials?

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