How To Make a Pig Music Box with Air Dry Clay

Today’s post will be on how to make a pig music box with polymer clay, and I think this is a good time especially Christmas is so near and this will do a fabulous christmas hand made gift. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn something new from this post and enjoy yourself as well.

The tutorial has been divided into 3 parts. When you’re done with each part, keep the finishing aside so they don’t get dirty while you’re doing the others. Be aware that today’s tutorial is a bit more time consuming. However, I think the end result is well worth the effort. I get people asking where to buy the music box base. Here’s where you can buy it. Click here to buy music box.

Part 1: How to make a air dry clay pig


Make them into shape as shown above. From Left : 2 ears, a thin log for lips, red for the tongue, a big sphere for the head, and the nose. You can create the holes on the nose with any tools with a flat or round end (ex : a pen’s cap)


Stick them together as shown on picture


Next, these are for the eyes


And this is for the knuckle


This is going to be the shower cap. Make a small sphere and flatten it


With fingers, pinch lightly to make textures shown as above


Next make another small sphere and press it towards the middle of the shower cap. Use a sharp tool to make textures as shown as above


Attach them all together and you have a cute clay pig!

Part 2 : How to make a clay towel and shower sponge


I’ve chosen a light green and a purple for the towel


Flatten out the purple first with a roller, then flatten out the green separately. Cut the green one to 2 long strips and put them on top of the purple as shown above. Run your roller over a few times to make sure they stick.


Cut it into a long towel shape. Then use a blade and cut the end of the towel to create “frills”.


Make a yellow rectangle, grab any brush you can find in your house, and poke it softly on the clay to create some uneven textures. I’m using a suede brush.


Attend to all the surface, and you’ll get a nice looking shower sponge

Part 3 : How to make the base of the music box, and put everything together


Begin by choosing 2 different shades of brown. Roll them together, and flat them out with a roller. Cut out different rectangles shapes as shown above


Use a pointy tool, or a tooth pick, to create texture that looks like wood


Stick the wood pieces onto a music box. Try to make them into different heights and width. (Alternatively, if you do not have a music box, you can cut out a cylinder shape from a poly foam and make it as your base )


Continue adding the wood shapes as you work your way around the music box


Once you’re done with the vertical woods, make the horizontal ones. To make it more realistic, poke a hole on each of the end of the wood.


Next we’re going to make the water. Mix 70% blue with 30% white clay


Try not to blend them for too long as you want to keep the texture obvious so it looks like water. Flatten it with roller


…and slowly put in on the music box


Stretch some of the water out of the wood tub so it looks like the water is splashing out


Last but not least, make a lot of white clay into small sphere, these will be the bubbles for your pig to play with. Once you’re done, put everything together, and you’ll get a cute little pig bathing in a wood tub.


Tips: Use glue so everything stay in place!

The Floor is yours…
Have you try to make a pig music box with polymer clay?  Please leave a comment below and share your claying experience with the community.

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  1. Lori Reply

    Adorable!! I have got to try this. Where did you find the music box?