How to Make a Clay Captain America

In this post we are going to learn how to make a clay Captain America. We’ve done up a Captain America in Air-Dry Clay, and another with Polymer Clay so you also get to see the side by side comparison of the two different finishing. Polymer Clay tends to consume more time, as you’ll need to condition the clay before start. The Polymer Clay project took about 1 hour and the air dry clay took about 30 minutes.


Prepare these colors for a start.


Make a big sphere for the head, two sphere for the eyes, and a semi circle that’s going to represent the lower part of it’s face.


Attached them all together to make Captain America’s face


Next, prepare 2 little triangles


Use a tool with pointy head, and press lightly on one side of the triangle


These are the wings


Attached them on the head, and here’s how you make a clay Captain America’s head.


Then we move forward to it’s body. Make a cylinder shape


Cut out a long white strip


…And wrap it around the lower part of body


With a lot of patience, cut out a small star shape. This will be the hardest part in this tutorial, if you find it too difficult to cut out the star shape, you can skip this part, and use acrylic to paint  the star when the clay is dry and ready


Stick the star on the body


Attached the head to the body


Poke an eye pin from it’s head so it’ll secure the head and body, and you can make it into a keychain later on

15 16

Once it’s done, make it’s arms and foot


And stick them to the Captain America’s body and you’re done! On the left it’s a Captain America done in air dry clay and on the right it’s the polymer clay.

The Floor is yours…
Have you try to make a clay Captain America or any other superheros?  Please leave a comment below and share your claying experience with the community.


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