Learn how to make pokeball with polymer clay

follow this easy video tutorial to make your very own pokeball charm simply by using polymer clay, mold and eye pin phone strap.

All materials used from http://www.malaysiaclayart.com/shop/

Things you need :
1. Polymer clay in White, Red and Black Color
2. Semi Sphere Half Round Silicone Mold
3. Akto Knife
4. Polymer Clay Glue Liquid Clay
5. Eye Pin and Phone Strap
6. Hot Air Heat Gun

Tips :
1. White color clay  gets dirty easily so it’s a good practice to keep a wet cloth near to clean the fingers
2. Hot air gun works as an alternative to oven. While using hot air gun, it should be hold away for more than 5 cm, moving around the creations. Careful not to burn your creations!
3. Liquid clay works great as glue to attached eye pin securely in the charm

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