How to Knit Polymer Clay

If you are looking to learn a unique and awesome polymer clay technique this is one of it that you should not miss! UK’s Claire Wallis will hold your hand through the whole project, showing you step by step photos for creating an amazing technique on how to knit polymer clay,  perfect for making gorgeous bracelet components, pendants, earrings and etc!

How to knit polymer clay – Equipment lists:

  • Polymer clay
  • Tissue blade or craft knife
  • Clay extruder (I used a disc with 2mm holes)
  • Cocktail stick


Step 1 & 2 : Extrude strands of the desired thickness in your chosen colour and cut lengths of about 2.5 cm with a craft knife or a tissue blade. Take one of the cut lengths and push the ends together to form a loop. repeat. group the loops together as shown.


Step 3 : Take a length of extruded clay and lay it across the group of loops as shown.


Step 4 : Using the cocktail stick deeply indent the clay making sure the indents are aligned with the centre of the loop.


Step 5 : Flatten the tails of the loops with a cocktail stick. This ensures each line of loops will lie reasonably flat. If you are making long lines you will need to do this bit at a time. Be careful you don’t want to mark the ‘stitches’ with your fingernails as you roll the cocktail stick. Repeat steps 1 to 5.


Steps 6 : Place one line of stitches overlapping the flattened tails of the loops as shown. Continue until your work is the desired size.


You can then cut them into the desired shape and outline it.


Turorial provided by : Claire Wallis
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