DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea 2014 – Carnation Polymer Clay tutorial

Instead of spending tons of money at the florist this Mother’s Day, here is a very simple DIY carnation polymer clay tutorial that are inexpensive and beautiful. Here’s how you can make this DIY Mother’s Day flower. 5 First, we make the stem. Prepare a toothepick, and Malaysiaclayart’s polymer clay in light green. Roll the green clay into small snake shape as shown on picture. 6 Wrap the green clay around the toothpick, and roll them between your palms. 7 Make sure you keep about 1cm on one side of the toothpick (to hold the flower). Put the stem aside when done 2 Next, we move on to the carnation flower. Pick your desired color, it can be white, yellow, or red. Flatten it with a roller. 1 This is what you get tearing-polymer-clay Use a pointy tool or any claying tools, tear the edges so you get carnation’s texture making-carnations Next, with your fingers, gently fold the carnation and press lightly at the bottom. folding-carnations You should get something like this. 8 Gently poke the bottom of the carnation with the toothpick stem made earlier. 9 Repeat step 4-8 and make more “sections” for the carnation. 10 merge them to the carnation with stem. 14 There’re 5 pieces of section to make this carnation 11 Then with the same green color, make the sepals. 13 Stick them as show above 15 Now we put the flower aside, and make the leaves. 16 With a pointy tool, draw some lines on the leave to create textures 17 Make 2 of these 18 Attached the leaves on the stem. One on the left and the other on the right side. how-to-make-carnations-with-polymer-clay Here we have a beautiful carnation polymer clay already. You can make a few of these and arrange them on a sponge, or follow the next few steps to make a vase. 21 Prepare these clay colors. Brown for the soil and yellow for the vase 22 Flatten the yellow clay with a roller. 23 lightly press the brown clay so it looks like picture above. Then place it on top of the yellow piece. 24 … and roll it in. Cut away the extra clay. 25 With the roller, flatten the bottom and merge the sides. 26 You should get something like this 28 With a pointy tool, make a small hole in the middle of the vase. Make sure it’s deep enough so the stem can fit in. 27 Vase with a hole diy-mothers-day-gift-polymer-clayLast but not lease, stand your DIY carnation flower in the vase and bake it in oven with 140°C for 10 minutes. The Floor is yours… Have you try to DIY mother’s Day gift with polymer clay? Please leave a comment below and share your designs with the community.

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