How to Condition Polymer Clay Fast

Ever wonder how to condition polymer clay fast? Softening clay also known as conditioning clay is the process that makes polymer clay ready to work with. Clay conditioning is usually done by twisting, stretching and twisting again the clay with your hands until it reaches a good working consistency. The warmth and pressure from your hands changes the clay’s texture, making it pliable to work with. Depending on the brand, polymer clay will be more or less stiff at the beginning, and it gets softer as you condition it.

How to condition polymer clay

Learn how to condition polymer clay

  • Roll it back and forth in your hands – into a sphere or snake shape.  And repeat as often as necessary.
  •  Use a roller (a rolling pen, a PVC pipe, glass of jar or bottle) to roll over the clay on your mat)
  • Baby oil, body oil and cooking oil. You can drop a few drops of either of these to your clay when rolling the clay to soften it faster
  • Clay softener for soaking or mixing with polymer clay
  • Run your polymer clay into a mini food processer or pasta machine.
  • Vaseline, Keep adding tiny bits of vaseline while kneading the clay until the clay begins to soften

Polymer clay is fully conditioned when you make a snake and bend it, the clay does not break or crack.

The Floor is yours…
Do you have a way to condition polymer clay faster? Creative people online are suggesting putting to in your underarm or using feet to condition clay. Please leave a comment below and tell us how you usually condition your polymer clay with the community.

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