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PU Resin Polyurethane Resin Fast Curing 2kg Set

PU Resin Polyurethane Resin Fast Curing 2kg Set (1kg A + 1kg B)

Set Includes

    1. A bottle of resin 1kg
    2. B bottle of hardener 1kg

    Mixing Ratio : By Weight A:B, 100:100 

      Optimal working environment 
      room tempreture: 25C, humidity: 60-70%.

      Potlife/working time
      2 minute

      Demold time
      30 minute

      How to use
      1. Mix A:B 100:100 by weight. Degas with vacuum chamber (check time).
      2. Insert into pressure chamber for about 10 minutes.
      3. Demold in 30 minutes, if item thickness is thin, may require longer time before demold.

      Tips and Tricks
      1. PU resin will react faster when room temperature is higher. If you think it cure too quickly, you can put PU resin A and B into refrigerator.

      2. Once pour required PU resin, tighten the cap quickly.

      This product has low viscosity and has great fluidity.