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Heat Gun Hot Air Gun DIY Power Tool

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Tools Size: 22cm (L)
Output: 300w
Voltage: 230V

How to use the heat tools:
1. Plug in the heat tool.
2. Hold the product distance 6cm at least with the hot nozzle. Do not place it close to nozzle.
3. Don't compare it with Industrial Hot Air Gun. It is for Small craft project.
4. Do not use more than 10 minutes continuously from my experience as the nozzle is extremely hot. should cool down 1~2 minutes after that.
5. Switch off if not in use.

Safety Precautions:
1. Do not use outdoor and keep it away with Children
2. Don't touch with water
3. Overheat may cause damage of product.

Multipurpose Heat Gun Tool. Especially useful with the application of cure polymer clay, quickly dries paints, glues and inks. Suitable for shrink plastic, paper, wood, fabric and much more. There's a built in bracket for self support, lightweight and easy to use for precise application.

Heat Gun Hot Air Gun DIY Power Tool
Heat Gun Hot Air Gun DIY Power Tool

Heat Gun Hot Air Gun DIY Power Tool