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Wet Dry Sand Paper Matador silicone carbide sanding paper car metal plastic wood jewelry kertas pasir halus basah

The Matador German Warriors Waterproof Sandpaper is exceptionally long lasting and delivers a smooth cut. It offers a high material strength allowing longer use with it's superior grain support. This super fine grit abrasive paper is perfect for finishing that lapping project to a high gloss finish. 

Size : 277mm x 230mm

Wet and Dry
Wet and dry as the name suggests can be used with lubrication or dry. Particularly good for use on resin with water do dampen down the dust and aid sanding.  It can be used for hand polishing, cut and stuck onto various tools, or used in a split pin.

  • Water can be added.
  • Use either by hand, stuck to a wooden stick, cut into discs or with a split pin mandrel.
  • Wet and dry is one of the most universal abrasives, it is popular in all workshops and tool rooms.

This Matador paper is all made with Silicon Carbide grit which is very popular abrasive.

Available Wet and Dry grits:
7000 grit Very Very Fine, 5000, 3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 320, 240, 150, 120, 80 grit is the coarsest

For Engineering
Wet and Dry is a very versatile consumable as it is effective on all metals. It is also useful for plastics when used wet and for wood where a finer finish is required.

The hard wearing flexible backing is what makes the Matador paper the best choice, generic wet and dry will often break up much sooner.

For Jewellers
Wet and Dry paper is traditionally used by most jewellers to prepare metal for polishing. Ideal for making into sanding sticks. Normally starting at 500 grit is sufficient, then move up through the grits to 1200 grit or higher followed by a mop and cutting compound. Finer grits than 1200 will improve the finish and will reduce how much polishing with compound is required.