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Custom Silicone Mold Making

We provide custom silicone mold making services as well as casting.

Custom silicone mold is generally the best way of producing small product runs. It is a more cost effective process than injection or compression mold, If you do not need thousands of molds.

As of casting, 3 materials main option to choose from; plaster of paris, PU resin. we also provide spray painting services (solid color) if required.

Our custom silicone mold are suitable for both food grade as well as industrial use.



Tell us your Idea, the measurement of the item in w x h x L, don't worry if you do not have the physical object, we can create it for you. you can provide us with the 3D model file in .obj or .stl, if you don't have that we also provide 3D modeling services.

We will then send you the visual draft based on your idea, once you've signed and approved we will then begin the production.

Initial mold making phrase
this is the phrase where we create the masters for mold making and bases in order to produce the initial mold.

Subsequent mold production
production of subsequent mold once the initial mold making phrase is done.


I'm interested where should I get started?

Measurement and shape is important for us to provide you with a rough estimation, please let us know the measurement, shape, how many cavity on a mold, as well as if you need the logo. Then click the button below to contact us via whatsapp ->