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What Are The Cheap Polymer Clay Tools For Beginners

October 06, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

What Are The Cheap Polymer Clay Tools For Beginners

Whether a beginner or advanced clay artists needs it’s tools. To start of with, you might not want to invest a lot in buying the tools yet. Most of the tools are not expensive but they add up very quickly. To make it easier for your budget, you can find some cheap polymer clay tools around the house. Here are the cheap polymer clay tools found around household that’s useful for claying.

plastic place mat

Plastic Place MatTo start claying, you will need a smooth work surface. To protect your desk and any surface you care about, it is advisable to find a piece of ceramic tile, glass piece, or you can use an old plastic place mat from the kitchen. Or you can simply get one from Daiso for RM5.

cutting clay

Cutting Blade Before you start a project it is advisable to cut and slice the clay of slabs to the portion you need. This way you can keep the remaining clay wrap in clear cling film so the clay doesn't dry out fast.

toothbrush clay

Toothbrush Save 1 of the old toothbrush and you’ll be able to create some realistic texture out of the clay. Stones, landscape, bread texture, food texture and etc.

toothpick clay

Toothpick One of the cheapest tool you can get in the kitchen. Always use toothpick to make textures, tiny holes on clay for finishing.

bobby pin to replace with clay tool

Bobby Pin A bobby pin can be a nice pointer to create rounded shape in the clay. It is

good to make holes, ears, and nose

clear cling film 


Clean Ice Cream ContainerWrap the un-use clay in clear cling film and keep them in a used ice cream container. This way not only the clay will slow down it’s drying process, but to keep your clay work station clean and tidy! Tips: you can find a clear cling film from any supermarket.


Used PenDismantle a used pen and the front part of the pen can be used to create a smooth cylinder. Make a long one and you can make a coil! Are you recycling any of your unwanted household items and turning them into tools for clay? What is your DIY cheap polymer clay tools? We'd would love to hear out your creative ideas!