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How To Start Selling Your Polymer Clay Art Craft Creation (Beginner Guide)

June 14, 2022 4 min read 0 Comments

How To Start Selling Your Polymer Clay Art Craft Creation (Beginner Guide)

Now that we have learned some basics of getting familiar with the properties of clay and how to make cute objects out of it, how about we talk about money making business?

After all you’ve learned a valuable skill of a medium which is quite flexible and malleable so, why not give it a try to sell it.

The polymer clay market is growing rapidly and the market growth is expected to expand significantly between 2020 and 2027. Why is that?

There has been a significant rise in the popularity of polymer clay in terms of DIY (Do it Yourself) and SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) applications which have increased the demand and sales of polymer clay.

Furthermore, the emergence and global expansion of e-commerce has enabled thousands of online startups to run successfully.

Since there has been an improvement in lifestyle within the Asia Pacific region such as Malaysia owing to the rise in incomes in emerging economies, it is predicted that there will be a rise in demand of polymer clay and its products.

So, let’s see what can be done to set up your polymer clay business:

In today’s digital age, social media is the best platform which can help establish your polymer clay business. Remember that things take time. Do not expect to sell all of your pieces in a week or month.

Consistency and patience is the key. For starters, you can create your Instagram profile and post products regularly. Try to engage followers with stories and Instagram videos.

Another social media channel which has taken the internet by storm is TikTok. TikTok followers love to see the process of making arts and crafts.

By syncing process videos with music and funky text, you can attract a large audience. The process of making things out of polymer clay is quite fun and satisfying to watch. So, keep posting videos and see where it takes you.

One thing that many TikTokers swear by is that since videos allow people to see the amount of time and energy which was spent in making one piece, they get more inclined and loyal to that brand whose creator is passionate about what they do.

Once you’ve gained some following and have made successful sales, it is time to slowly start investing into your brand.

You can pay for sponsored ads for your brand on Facebook and Instagram. This way you can reach targeted audience.

You do not need a professional photographer to document your products. You only require a cellphone with a decent camera. Click them yourself behind a neutral background under natural light and that should do well for your portfolio.

Speaking of investment, bring in new tools to experiment with new ideas. For example, get that pasta machine which you’ve been wanting to purchase.

Keep up with the festivals in your country. For example in Malaysia, the top five colorful celebrations include Hari Raya, Thaipusam, Lunar Year, Christmas, and Gawai Harvests.

You can make ornaments according to these festivals and sell them. People give them as gifts or keep them for home décor. Alternatively, a small discount can also be offered on special occasions such as Mother’s Day gifts or Valentine’s Day.

Furthermore, you can create your own YouTube channel and upload podcasts of your work. Live stream the process of making cute polymer clay objects.

Another way of promoting your business is to get featured by Instagram accounts who promote emerging artists and creative people.

Be aware and updated about any upcoming arts and crafts exhibitions in your area. Here are some of the artisan markets in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya where you can sell your own handmade polymer clay products:

  1. The BSC Artisan Market: this artisan market is organized periodically by Bangsar Shopping Centre and attracts many shoppers who are looking for arts and crafts, beauty products, home décor, gift items, and much more.

Stay posted about the markets upcoming dates and you can easily setup your own stall there.

  1. Fuyoh Art Bazar: this bazar is organized on every last weekend of the month. It comprises of various stalls from handmade jewelry to toys.

The influx of visitors from different backgrounds to this bazar really makes the place happening and very much alive.

  1. Art for Grabs: this festival first emerged at The Annexe Gallery in 2007. Malaysia’s best creatives come together to showcase their talent in forms of art and crafts, food, books, and so much more.

It also features upcoming events such as new book launches, performances, and workshops which can be another great opportunity for you to promote your polymer clay business.

  1. Markets@JayaOne: it takes place four times a year and you can also follow them on Facebook to stay updated on their next dates.

Markets at JayaOne combined three separate market events, Chicpop, Bettr Weekends, and Crafty Art Market into one where you can find a wide range of accessories, handcrafted items, kitchenware, and fashion products.

  1. PopShop@JayaOne: this is a pop-up retail store focused on encouraging new and young entrepreneurs to help establish their business.

Your product could be anything; fashion, services, lifestyle, accessories, beauty or beyond that. The plus point is that you can cancel your contract at any stage if you would only like to test the market.

Design a business card for yourself; mention contact number with your social media handles. Don’t worry if you do not have a website yet. This is just the beginning stage and distribute them to the visitors and shoppers in these markets.

The biggest advantage of such markets and festivals is they take place every year. You do not have to wait for months for an opportunity.

Another way of setting up your polymer clay business is by using Etsy as an online platform to make sales.

Some of Malaysia’s top Etsy sellers are selling handmade products which include stationery and gifts, handmade purses, jewelry, and custom handkerchiefs. Joining and starting a shop on Etsy is absolutely free.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the top Malaysian stores which are selling beautiful polymer clay jewelry:

  1. Studio Kittuco
  2. Clay 27
  3. Claytories
  4. Batu Bata
  5. Leen
  6. Chapter Chapter