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Agatha Wang talented clay craft artist

Agatha Wang, an artist who make amazing clay works!  find out how she get started in clay craft from hobby to commissioned work!

agatha polymer clay artist

Tell us about your background:

My name is Agatha Wang and I studied my undergraduate degree in Marine Science in Sabah, Malaysia before coming to the UK to study for my masters at Cardiff University in Computer Science. Both have shaped my work and business in equal measures.

First experience with clay/ how you got started with clay:

My brother, Simon Peter, discovered the clay crafts workshop and suggested to me to give it a try. It was a painful yet interesting experience as I hadn’t realized that I’d signed up for an advance workshop! The horoscopes were my first crafts that I made with air dry clay and I was only able to finish a few of them in the workshop before I came to the UK.

horoscopes clay dolls

Since that first workshop in 2011 my humble beginnings as a new found hobby crafting for friends and for fun quickly turned into accepting commissioned work to now taking the first few steps to becoming a fully fledged online business.


Tell us about your work/ what inspired you:

My work involves the complete process of marketing, production and delivery of unique pieces of clay crafted creations to a global customer base. I accept a lot of commissioned work, such as wedding gifts, as well as working with other business partners as a preferred supplier. No two creations are the same. Each piece is named and accompanied with its own story from the world of Dolphine’s clay crafts. I am also a key believer of having a carbon neutral footprint and heavily invest in developing “green” packaging.

wedding cake clay craft clay craft wedding car

My inspiration comes to me when I am traveling, from suggestions from friends and family, and also from looking through self-taught books. I also browse through various magazines and random Google images from time to time.

ladybird clay craft kitchen witches clay craft

Favorite exhibition/ artist:

Kirsten Miller (polymer clay artist)

Best time to work:

The best time to work is daytime with plenty of natural day light or whenever inspiration arrives.

caterpillar made from clay strawberry made from clay

What is one of your favorite clay techniques?

Rolling clay into fine pieces e.g. for sheep fur and roses because it is fun to do and the final effect done well can create an astonishing life like appearance.

sheep made from clay

Get in touch with Agatha Wang

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